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ROUNDUP: Gillibrand Kickoff Speech Headlines

March 26, 2019

This weekend, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand kicked off her official presidential campaign with a speech outside Trump International Hotel. Gillibrand’s speech took President Trump’s weak and divisive presidency head on, and outlined her vision for an America where everyone has health care, work is rewarded with policies like paid family leave, our economy is booming with green jobs, families are safe from gun violence, the corrupting influence of money has been expunged from our politics, and more.

See below for the national and international coverage from the weekend:

MSNBC | Gillibrand: Our president is a coward

CNN | Gillibrand delivers kickoff speech in front of Trump hotel

ABC News | Kirsten Gillibrand takes on Trump in first major speech of presidential campaign

CBS News | Gillibrand launches campaign outside Trump hotel

NBC News | Gillibrand officially launches 2020 bid, calls Trump a ‘coward’

New York Times | Kirsten Gillibrand, Outside a Trump Hotel, Calls the President a ‘Coward’

Associated Press | Gillibrand slams Trump in speech at his own hotel: He’s a ‘coward’ who ‘punches down’

New York Daily News | Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand rips into Trump at her first 2020 campaign rally in NYC: ‘Our President is a coward’

WNYC | Gillibrand Calls President Trump a Coward in First Official Campaign Speech

Bloomberg | Gillibrand Seeks to Rise Above Crowd With Rally Near Trump Hotel

Politico | Gillibrand goads Trump with speech in front of New York hotel

Yahoo News | Gillibrand lambastes Trump outside his NYC hotel, says she agrees with Richard Nixon’s view the public should know if ‘their president is a crook’

Reuters | Democrat Gillibrand calls Trump ‘coward’ as she launches 2020 bid outside his NY hotel

UPI | Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand kicks off presidential bid in New York rally

Newsday | Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand kicks off official campaign for White House in 2020

Daily Mail | Gillibrand goes after ‘coward’ Trump at a launch rally in front of his NYC hotel – which she blasts as ‘shrine to greed, division and vanity’ – after sharing a hug with college friend Connie Britton

Times Union | Gillibrand calls Trump a ‘coward’ in first speech

Courthouse News | Gillibrand Kicks Off Campaign Outside Trump Hotel

West Side Rag | Gillibrand Kicks Off Campaign on UWS in Front of ‘A Shrine to Greed’

The Hill | Gillibrand officially kicks off 2020 campaign

The Observer | Portraits of Hope From Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 Campaign Kickoff Outside Trump’s Hotel