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On Tax Day, Gillibrand Reissues Challenge to Democratic Field to Release Taxes

April 15, 2019

Applauds those who joined her in releasing at least ten years of returns

On Tax Day, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reissued her challenge to the 2020 Democratic field to release at least ten years of their federal tax returns. Gillibrand emphasized that doing so will provide the American people with a stark contrast between the Democratic field’s commitment to transparency and accountability, and President Trump’s efforts to obstruct and suppress the release of his tax returns.

“Transparency and accountability are critical tools to combat the corrupting influence of money in politics, which is why three weeks ago I released my 2018 federal tax return, adding to the eleven-years worth that were already available online,” said Senator Gillibrand. “At the time, I challenged the entire Democratic field to do the same, and I’m encouraged that several candidates have followed suit. Today, on Tax Day, I am reissuing my call for the remaining Democratic candidates to release at least ten years of federal tax returns, which will provide a clear contrast with President Trump, and demonstrate that the next president will only be beholden to the American people.”

On March 27, Gillibrand became the first 2020 presidential candidate to release her 2018 tax return. She has 12 years of her tax returns available online, dating back to 2007, her first year in public office. The same day, Gillibrand issued a challenge to the Democratic field to join her, and several followed her lead, including:

  • March 27 – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
    March 29 – Governor Jay Inslee
    April 1 – Senator Amy Klobuchar
    April 10 – Senator Elizabeth Warren
    April 14 – Senator Kamala Harris

Gillibrand is leading the Democratic field on transparency, a prerogative that started long before her run for president. Gillibrand was the first Member of Congress to post a “Sunlight Report” that included her official schedule, Personal Financial Disclosures and earmark requests online. Gillibrand also wrote and secured the passage of the STOCK Act in 2012, which finally made it illegal for members of Congress, their families and their staff to profit from insider information gained through public service.