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Gillibrand Launches First 2020 Pledge To Not Use Stolen Hacked Materials in Presidential Campaign

April 23, 2019

Gillibrand is first 2020 candidate to offer written pledge never to seek, accept or weaponize stolen or hacked information from foreign adversaries, like Russia

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today released a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity pledge to not seek, use or weaponize stolen hacked materials in the 2020 presidential campaign, and urged her fellow 2020 candidates to agree to the pledge.

After Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, Gillibrand said that this pledge will send a strong signal to foreign adversaries who could seek to again intervene in our elections, that Democrats will not utilize or promote such stolen materials for political gain. This cybersecurity pledge comes on the heels of commentary from top President Trump aide, Rudy Giuliani, that there is “nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.”

“Russia is a foreign adversary of the United States, and we all must learn serious lessons from their cyber attack on our election systems in 2016. Russia will be back, and it is troubling that President Trump and his top aides are not only failing to hold them accountable but actually normalizing the idea of ‘taking information from Russians’ for political gain,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand continued, “For my part, I vow that our campaign will not seek out stolen hacked information from foreign adversaries or knowingly weaponize such materials, and I urge my colleagues in the 2020 field to join in signing this pledge. Together we can send a clear message to those who seek to harm our democracy – at home and abroad.”  

The Gillibrand for President 2020 campaign hereby pledges:

  • The Gillibrand campaign will not participate, aid, or encourage hackers or foreign actors in any attempt to influence American elections or the campaigns of their competitors
  • Gillibrand’s campaign will never seek out or accept stolen hacked information from foreign adversaries for use in any operations
  • The campaign will never knowingly weaponize or promote stolen hacked materials
  • Any foreign actors attempting to negatively influence, participate in, or contact the campaign will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement

The Gillibrand 2020 campaign recognizes that protecting our political institutions, elections and campaigns from foreign interference is critical to protecting America’s democracy. Elected leaders, particularly those who seek or hold the role of commander in chief, are responsible for sending a clear signal to foreign adversaries who might attack the United States or interfere with our elections in the future.

Gillibrand believes that this pledge will create a conversation to allow all of the presidential candidates, the DNC, and state parties to come up with a common strategy in the coming months. Gillibrand made clear that she is also open to discussion and negotiations about the language of this pledge, as long as the fundamental goals are addressed.