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On the Issues

An Economy That Rewards Work

Kirsten believes in building an economy that rewards the contributions of its workers and entrepreneurs. To create more good-paying jobs across New York, she is helping our startups and small businesses access opportunity and ensuring more products are stamped "Made in America." To improve the quality of jobs for all Americans, she is fighting for stronger unions, for workers to own a stake in the success of their business, and for a minimum wage that lifts all working families out of poverty.

Supporting Our Working Families

Workplace policies have not kept up with the needs of our changing workforce, harming our middle class. Kirsten believes that we must transform our policies to help meet the needs families face every day. That’s why she is leading fights in the Senate to create a national paid and medical family leave program and to make child care affordable and accessible for all American workers.


As a member of the Senate Aging Committee, Kirsten will oppose any efforts to cut the Social Security and Medicare benefits seniors have earned. Kirsten is also focused on ways to create more job opportunities for seniors, stop their exploitation, and help these New Yorkers save for retirement. She firmly opposes all efforts to privatize Social Security and believes in ensuring its solvency for the next generation without raising the retirement age. She is also leading the charge to combat senior fraud by introducing legislation to protect vulnerable citizens from scammers who try to steal personal information and harm them financially.

Protecting The Environment

From addressing the impacts of climate change to ensuring clean air and water for all New Yorkers, protecting our environment for future generations is an important responsibility that we all share. As a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Kirsten advocates to safeguard our natural resources from toxic substances and harmful chemicals, and calls for aggressive action to stem the tide of global climate change.

Women’s Empowerment And Opportunity

When women are given every chance to succeed in the workplace and at home, we're all better off. Kirsten believes that equal pay is key to helping working families. She helped to pass the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and advocates for passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay in America. She’ll continue to fight for policies that will expand opportunity for women across the country, such as increasing funding for women-owned small businesses and supporting women in STEM fields.

Transparency And Accountability

Every American has the right to know how their elected representatives are serving them. As the first member of Congress to post her daily official meetings on her website, and among the first to post federal earmark requests and personal financial disclosures, Kirsten has been committed to transparency throughout her career. She also wrote and secured the passage of the STOCK Act, that provides transparency and ensures that members of Congress play by the same rules as everyone else.

Health Care

It’s simple: Health care should be a basic human right, not a privilege for the few. As Kirsten has traveled across New York State, it’s clear that there’s still much work left to do to ensure high-quality, affordable health care for everyone who needs it—that’s why she supports working toward building a Medicare-For-All health care system in America.


America does not just tolerate immigration; it thrives on the contributions of immigrants. Kirsten supports comprehensive immigration reform that gives immigrants a path to earned citizenship; and she will stand up on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers who deserve to stay in this country by supporting the DREAM Act.

Defending Those Who Protect Us

Kirsten believes it is our responsibility stand up for brave service members and first responders who protect us every single day. She overcame tough partisan opposition to secure the passage of the Zadroga Act, which provides health care and compensation for 9/11 first responders affected by the toxins at Ground Zero. She advocates for justice for victims of sexual assault in the military by fighting to pass the Military Justice Improvement Act, legislation that would move decision making in sexual assault cases from the military chain of command to trained military prosecutors. She was a strong voice for opening up combat positions to women and is now focused on the recruitment and retention of women in these positions, and setting them up for success. Today, she is leading the fight to allow continued transgender service in the military.

Women’s Health And Reproductive Rights

A woman’s ability to access affordable reproductive health care is a basic right. Kirsten is committed to protecting and defending women's access to the full range of reproductive health care services. She will always push back against the efforts of those who seek to restrict women's reproductive freedom. Her work has earned her a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

National Security

As the leading Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee, Kirsten works to improve the lives of service members and their families by focusing on issues like mental health and childcare. She advocates to ensure that the U.S. has the resources and personnel needed to protect our country from cyber attacks; she has fought to ensure that federal anti-terrorism funding is prioritized for places, like New York, that bear the greatest threats to our safety and security; she has worked to provide critical tools and funding to our first responders; and she led the fight to pass into law a bill to create a nationwide, broadband network for first responders. Finally, she is committed to ensuring that the U.S. will always stand with Israel, our historic and closest ally in the Middle East—and has long led the effort to ensure support for a joint U.S.-Israeli cooperative missile defense program.

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