Reproductive Rights Toolkit


Kirsten has released an agenda to defend and champion reproductive rights. Use this toolkit to learn more about Kirsten’s reproductive rights agenda and spread her message.


  • Kirsten’s agenda to protect reproductive rights:
  • Kirsten’s pledge to only nominate judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade:
  • Kirsten’s plan to protect reproductive rights at the state level:


  • Donald Trump and his Republican allies are doing everything they can to chip away at access to safe
    and legal abortion nationwide.
  • Kirsten is brave enough to draw a line in the sand on judicial appointments and fight to defend reproductive rights.


Watch this video showing what’s at stake for reproductive rights, and Kirsten’s continuing fight to protect them.


Sign on to support Kirsten’s pledge to only nominate judges and Supreme Court justices who will commit to upholding Roe v. Wade and protect reproductive rights:


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Here’s some of the news coverage on Kirsten’s leadership:


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Reproductive rights are nonnegotiable.