Kirsten on the Economy

Kirsten believes the measure of America’s economic success is whether families are able to make ends meet, and whether kids are able to reach their full potential. Kirsten’s Family Bill of Rights plan is her economic policy agenda to level the playing field in the first, critical years of a child’s life, and ease the enormous financial burdens that families face when they raise a child. Her plan, which she’ll enact in the first 100 days of her presidency, includes national paid family leave, universal pre-K and affordable child care, and proposals to increase support and reduce cost barriers for new parents—regardless of their gender, race, or zip code.

Kirsten will keep fighting for families during this campaign and as president—and that’s why we need to make sure her voice is heard in all of the presidential debates. If you want to hear more about her vision for our future, chip in a dollar to help us advance to the second round of debates.