Kirsten on Stopping Sexual Assault and Harrassment

Kirsten believes that women should be valued in America, and that means we need to stop sexual assault and harassment. Even before the #MeToo movement, she has been the national leader in Congress on the fight for justice and accountability on behalf of sexual assault survivors, and has led the crucial national conversation around sexual abuse. And she takes on this fight no matter who she’s up against, whether it’s the Pentagon, major universities, President Trump, or even her own party. Kirsten has never backed down from a fight if it’s the right thing to do—even if it means she has to stand alone. 

Kirsten will keep fighting for women during this campaign and as president—and that’s why we need to make sure her voice is heard in all of the presidential debates. If you want to hear more about her vision for our future, chip in a dollar to help us advance to the second round of debates.