Kirsten on Clean Elections and Protecting Our Democracy

The only way to make progress on the issues we care about—whether it’s Medicare for All, gun safety, or fighting climate change—is by getting big, unaccountable money out of politics. Kirsten’s Clean Elections Plan is a critical structural change that will bring more voices to the table in our politics, ensure elected officials are beholden only to voters, and finally break the gridlock in Washington.

Kirsten also knows we need to protect voting rights and the integrity of our elections. Kirsten believes we need to restore the Voting Rights Act and then go even further: We should enact automatic voter registration for every 18-year-old citizen, expand access to online registration and early voting, make Election Day a federal holiday, and end voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering.

Kirsten will keep fighting for clean elections and voting rights during this campaign and as president—and that’s why we need to make sure her voice is heard in all of the presidential debates. If you want to hear more about her vision for our future, chip in a dollar to help us advance to the second round of debates.