Debate Stage Drive


To secure Kirsten Gillibrand’s spot on stage for the third and fourth debates, we need to hit the DNC’s 130k individual donor threshold by August 26! Help make sure she has the chance to share her vision at the debates by asking your friends and followers to chip in $1 or more to Kirsten’s campaign.

Social media

Here is the donation link you can share:

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Here are some sample posts:

If we want a brave champion of women + families on the Democratic debate stage, we need to make sure @SenGillibrand locks in her spot. Chip in $1 right now to help get her there: #BraveWins

Even if you haven’t made up your mind on who you’re supporting, it’s critical that the women candidates for president are on that debate stage. Chip in $1 to help secure @SenGillibrand’s spot: #BraveWins

[email protected] has shown she has the fire to take on Donald Trump and champion the issues that families care about. Help me make sure she has a spot on the Democratic debate stage by chipping in $1: #BraveWins

The best thing for our democracy is to ensure that we have the strongest, most diverse selection of candidates on the Democratic debate stage. That means we need @SenGillibrand up there. Chip in $1 to help lock in her spot: #BraveWins


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Email + text message

Recruit your friends by emailing or texting them. Here’s some examples:


Hi there,

I’m writing you today to ask that you make a contribution to Kirsten Gillibrand’s presidential campaign, to make sure she is in the next round of Democratic debates this September.

Here’s why: She’s a truly relentless fighter for women and families, unafraid to take on issues that others in our party wouldn’t dare touch, from sexual assault in the military to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She’s voted against the Trump agenda more than any other senator, yet has still managed to pass 19 bills in the past Congress. She builds consensus without compromising her progressive values. I’m a big fan.

But she hasn’t yet met the 130,000 individual donor threshold that she needs to hit to guarantee her spot on the debate stage this September.

It’s still early – you may not be ready to settle on one candidate in such a diverse, crowded and accomplished field. But I hope you agree that Kirsten deserves a spot on that stage in the fall. If you do, will you make a donation of any amount to her campaign now? Here’s my link:

If you’re feeling really fired up, consider forwarding this email along to your own networks asking for the same. Let me know if you want to talk more about my support for Kirsten – always happy to share!

Brave wins!

Text Message

Hey friend. Can you do me a quick favor? I really think we need to make sure we have all the women candidates for president on the debate stage. Can you help me lock in Kirsten Gillibrand’s spot by chipping in $1? And can you share this link with your friends/online?