Getting corruption and greed out of government

Our government should answer to the American people, not to special interests. But right now, corruption and greed are displacing our voices in our government. Taking on powerful interests is at the root of just about every major policy challenge we need to solve—whether that’s tackling student debt, getting Medicare for All or passing gun safety laws. Kirsten will never back down from that fight.

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We need to get dark money out of our politics.

The only way to make progress on the issues we care about—whether it’s reducing the cost of prescription drugs, combating gun violence, or fighting climate change—is by getting big, unaccountable money out of politics. Right now, wealthy special interests and their lobbyists have outsized influence over our laws; Kirsten has a plan to root out that influence and put power back into the hands of the people. Her Clean Elections Plan is a critical structural change that will bring more voices to the table, ensure elected officials are beholden only to voters, and finally break the gridlock in Washington.

Kirsten’s walking the walk: This campaign doesn’t accept donations from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists, and we have disavowed individual super PACs. We’re fighting to restore power to people, so we’re powered by people.

We need transparency in our government.

The American people deserve to know how their elected officials are fighting for them—and that starts with shining a light on how decisions are made in Washington. Kirsten was the first member of Congress in history to make her official meetings, personal financial disclosures and earmark requests public; The New York Times called it “a quiet touch of revolution.” She releases her personal tax returns every year and believes the president and vice president—as well as any candidate who runs for those offices—should have to do the same.

We need to make sure our leaders play by the same rules as everyone else.

Kirsten has championed ethics reform since her first days in Congress. She wrote and secured the passage of the STOCK Act in 2012, which finally made it illegal for members of Congress, their families and their staff to profit from insider information gained through public service. At the time, The Washington Post called it “the most substantial debate on Congressional ethics in nearly five years.” She introduced the CLEAR Act, which ensures voters know when registered lobbyists spend money on a political campaign and how much. She also led the charge on passing legislation to combat and create accountability on sexual harassment in Congress, including ending the practice of using taxpayer dollars for sexual harassment settlements.

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We won’t take a cent from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists, and we don’t have a super PAC—we rely on grassroots donors like you.
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