Fundraising Event Toolkit


Below you will find the resources you need to help support Kristen Gillibrand’s fundraising efforts, whether that be through promoting an event you’re hosting or sharing details on social media.

If you have any questions, please email Emily Graham ([email protected]).


One of the most effective ways to grow your fundraising event is through direct email. Here is an example of an email you might send:

I’m thrilled to share that I’m supporting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s run for president of the United States. While there’s a large, exciting field of candidates, I’m jumping in early to support Kirsten because I believe in her, and I think she’s the best-qualified candidate to take on President Trump and restore bravery and compassion to the White House.


In case you missed it, Kirsten’s launch video, entitled “Brave Wins” can be found here.

I can go into the many reasons I am all-in for Kirsten, but here are a few:

    • She has a unique balance of intellect, approachability, and leadership.
    • She has compassion, courage, and fearless determination.
    • No one works harder than she does—she has built one of the best networks of supporters across the country.
    • She is in this for the right reasons—she has always said “the reason you go to Washington is to help people. If helping people is not at the center of what you do, you don’t deserve to hold the office.”
    • She builds consensus without sacrificing her progressive values.
    • She has compassion and empathy, and listens and learns.
    • She is a BRAVE—she will take on any issue if she thinks it is the right thing to do even if it is a tough battle or a politically difficult issue, like sexual assault in the military.

I hope to see you at the event.


  • Reach out to EVERYONE in your network. You never know who might be interested.
  • When possible, try to send your invitations at least two weeks before the event.
  • Follow up with those that RSVP a week out, and if you’re able to, again the day before. This will decrease the number of people who have to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.

Social Media

Our finance team will have provided you with an ActBlue page for your guests to use to RSVP. You can share that link on social media.

Facebook Events

If you’d like to put together a Facebook event for your fundraiser, follow these steps.

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Follow these instructions to create the event.
  • Photo: Add this event cover photo to your event:

  • Event Name: We recommend calling the event “Meet & Greet w/ Kirsten”.
  • Location: We recommend keeping the location empty. Folks that RSVP using your ActBlue link will receive the location via email.
  • Description: Join Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in support of her 2020 presidential bid!
  • Category: Select “Causes.”
  • Date + Time: Select the date and time of your event.
  • Co-hosts: If your event has any co-hosts, add them here.
  • Schedule: No schedule is necessary.
  • Keywords: No keyword is necessary.
  • Kid Friendly: Please select kid friendly if the location of the event permits children (Kirsten LOVES children).
  • Ticket URL: This is where to post your ActBlue Link.
  • Post permissions: Select “Anyone can post”
  • Post approval: Select “Posts and stories must be approved by a host or co-host”
  • Messaging: Select “People can ask questions about your event on Messenger”
  • Guest List: Select “Display guest list”

How to share:

Here are examples of what you can post on social media to promote your event.


I’m thrilled to share that I’m supporting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s run for president of the United States—and I’m hosting an event for all of my friends and family to learn more about this brave woman. If you’re free on <<EVENT DATE+ TIME>>, please consider attending! <<YOUR LINK>>


Come see why I’m supporting @SenGillibrand for president and get a chance to hear about the senator’s brave record as a public servant! Sign up for my event here: <<YOUR LINK>>


I’m proud to be supporting @kirstengillibrand for president, and I’ll be hosting an event to support her on <<EVENT DATE>>. If you want to hear why I’m supporting her, and meet the senator yourself, please RSVP at the link in my bio! #BraveWins <<INSERT THE PHOTO BELOW OR A PHOTO OF YOUR OWN>>


  • You will need to put the link in your Instagram profile bio for followers to access it.
  • Use the images below to share your event details on your Instagram story.


Want to show your friends just how big of a #Gillistan you are? Update your Facebook and Twitter cover photos with these!

Facebook Profile Cover Photo

Twitter Profile Cover Photo


Q. Where can I find campaign talking points?

A. You can find approved talking points here.

Q. Where can I sign up to volunteer?

A. You can sign up to volunteer at

Q. What if I want text updates from the campaign?

A. To sign up for text updates,  text BRAVEWINS to 60980.

Q. Where can I purchase campaign merchandise?

A. You can find our full selection of campaign merchandise at

Q. Where can I find out more about Kirsten’s record on specific issues?

A. You can find more information at