Climate Change Toolkit


Kirsten believes climate change is the most serious threat to humanity today and has a plan to take immediate and bold action to address it. Find out more about Kirsten’s plan to make and how you can help make it a reality below.



  • Kirsten will set the ambitious goal of reaching net-zero emissions and phasing out fossil fuels in just 10 years (almost twenty years faster than what environmental advocates are calling for) and enforceable standards by 2050.
  • Kirsten will hold polluters accountable by putting an excise tax on fossil fuel production to fund projects that support communities hit hardest by climate-related disasters.
  • Kirsten will bring about a new American industrial age built on clean technology and green jobs that will rebuild our infrastructure, revitalize economies and lift up working families, and reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Kirsten will restore our country’s leadership on the global stage by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement on day one and committing to a 21st-century clean energy “space race.”
  • Kirsten will take swift action to protect Americans’ rights to clean air and water, and prioritize climate investments in communities at the front lines of climate change and pollution.
  • Kirsten will revitalize rural communities by providing resources to build more climate-resistant infrastructure and ensuring that economic investment for green jobs goes to communities that have been historically left behind.


Watch Kirsten campaign across the country to take climate change head-on and make saving our planet the moonshot of this generation.


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  • It’s time to make polluters pay for the messes they make. @SenGillibrand’s new #ClimateChange plan does just that. #BraveWins, polluting doesn’t.
  • Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity today, and @SenGillibrand has released a bold plan to take it head-on. #BraveWins
  • [email protected] believes passing a #GreenNewDeal and getting to net-zero emissions should be this generation’s moonshot. This is her plan to help us get it done. #BraveWins


  • Clean air and water are a human right. @KirstenGillibrand’s Climate Change Plan will protect that right by raising the standards of what we deem acceptable while reinvesting in climate-resilient infrastructure to keep our families safe. Read more about her plan here:
  • What happened in Flint, MI should be a nationwide wake-up call. America needs a president who will commit to rebuilding infrastructure and protecting clean air and clean water for all. Read @KirstenGillibrand’s plan to keep American families safe and healthy by saving our planet.


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  • @kirstengillibrand believes passing a #GreenNewDeal and getting to net-zero emissions should be this generation’s moonshot. This is her plan to help us get it done (link in bio). #BraveWins